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Vegas Bound: Christmas In Vegas 2019

Christmas in Las Vegas is really SUCH a magical thing. The Las Vegas strip sprinkles a little bit of holiday magic all over EVERYTHING, and it is so beautiful! All of our usual attractions, like the Bellagio Fountain bring the Christmas cheer with holiday music playing this season. I'd LOVE for the world to start looking at Vegas during the Holiday season, so here's a couple of things to be aware of, what's going on and my recommendations.

SO, Vegas is not really less busy during the Holiday Season.  So don’t expect any holiday discounts or extra space it will be the general amount of crowded...if not a bit more! Buffets and full course meal/dine-in options are going to be a little more expensive b/c they are going to be WAY more decked out than usual. It’s cold as all hell here to me right now it’s like in the 50s all week so bundle up for that. But there are SO many things happening, most things are going to be open and at its usual hours except for like our local/neighborhood places some of our clubs and bars will also close for the holidays. If you’re curious about the hours of any specific place drop a comment and I’ll check it out.
Family Fun ON the strip, I love holiday’s in Vegas for the whole family. We really go all out, and it’s such a vibe during the Christmas season! On the strip for the Family, I love almost everything but starting with the one thing I’ve been recommending more than anything this season:

Family Fun On the Strip

  • The Rink - Cosmopolitan - $25 skate rental ($15 local, military & cosmo guests mon - thur)
    • Dec 21- Jan 5: Noon - 11pm
    • Dec 24 & Dec 25: Noon-Midnight
  • Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens
    • 24 Hours
  • Gingerbread house @ Aria
    • 24 Hours
  • Linq Promenade - Each venue varies, but walking through is always free and 24 hours 
  • Tournament of Kings - Twas the Knight - Every single day this week
    • Shows at 5:30 & 8PM
    • Dec 23 & 24 5:30 show only
  • The Park - Holiday Experience
    • Fri Sat & Sun 5 - 9
    • Monday for the Vegas Golden Knights game time varies

Family Fun OFF the Strip

  • Rock rink @ Downtown Summerlin - $15 skate rental
    • Dec 20: 4PM - 9PM
    • 21-23 Dec: 10AM - 10PM
    • Dec 24: 10AM - 6PM
    • Closed Christmas Day
    • Dec 26 - Dec 30: 10AM-10PM
  • Go play in the snow
    • Mt. Charleston: Be Aware hours and road conditions vary. $WD and AWD recomended and chains & snow tires may be required.
    • Lee Canyon BUY TICKETS NOW!! Equipment Rentals, lift tickets, lessons and snow kids all available. 
  • Sam’s Town Mystic Falls
    • Show: 2:00pm, 4:00pm, 6:00pm, 8:00pm, 10:00pm
    • Santa
      • Dec 20: 4PM - 8:30PM
      • 21 & 22 Dec: Noon - 8:30PM
  • Christmas Town @ Cowabunga Bay: $20 Children under 2 Free
    Polar Express Train Ride, Jingle Bell Sledding Hill, Yuletide Laser Tag, Santa Claus' Cozy Cottage, Blitzen's Bounce House Bonanza, 'Let It Snow' Spectacular animated show, Merry Magic Tree, Frosty's Snow Ball Pit Fun, Tiny Tim's Train Ride, Christmas Characters roaming, and Rudolph's Save Christmas Paintball (extra cost for this) 
    • 20 & 21 Dec: 5:30PM - 9PM
    • 22 - 21 Dec: 5:00PM - 10:00PM
  • Las Vegas Motor Speedway Glittering Lights - About $20 per car on the day of plan for long waits in the Car.
    • Sun - Thur 5-9PM
    • Fri, Sat & Holidays 5-10PM
  • Magical Forest @ Opportunity Village (Closed on Christmas Day) - $15 for ages 4, rides and games are extra. Guaranteed show seating $2 (online only).
    • Opens 5:30PM Nightly


If you’re here to visit family I KNOW your day is going to involve LOTS of food! I love the idea of giving our kitchens a break and enjoying the AMAZING chef’s we have all over the city and buffet’s are the easiest way to make sure everyone will have something they will eat, even those picky toddlers. My favorite and toddler-friendly Buffets for the holidays are:

Party Crew

JUST because this is a family holiday doesn't mean you have to stick to sleigh bells and hot chocolate! Feel free to hop into any one of these turn ups! After all, it is VEGAS, baby.

Club Life

  • Marquee is open this weekend and Monday. one of my favorites, get tickets RIGHT NOW.
    • Dec 20 - CID
    • Dec 21st - Andrew Rayel
    • Dec 23 - DJ Five
  • The Foundation Room is another spot open all weekend for happy hour at 5pm, and Lounge DJ after like 10.
    • Lounge Hours: Daily: 5:00 pm - Close
    • Various Events including a Ladies comp entry with hosted bar See site for details
  • Drai's
    • Dec 20 - DJ Esco
    • Dec 21 - DJ Franzen's House Party Holiday Edition
  • Hakkasan Group has events all weekend long
  • Fremont Street Experience has free entertainment this weekend and all week until NYE even Christmas Day!

Christmas Meals

If buffets are not your thing, here are a couple of my recommendations for Christmas Day. Please make your reservations RIGHT NOW by clicking the link and calling any associated number/open table reservation.

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